M.A.P. (Mulheres na América Portuguesa) – ‘Women in Portuguese America: Mapping the writings of women and about women in the Portuguese Atlantic space using Digital Humanities methods‘ is a research project at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. We are currently building a catalog of documents written by women and documents written about women (containing their ‘speech’ in the form of reported discourse) in Portuguese America (1500-1822). With the catalog, we aim to systematize and make visible for future research a set of immensely important documentary sources for philological studies and for studies of the history of language, social history, the history of writing and reading, and the history of women in Brazil.

The complete catalog and project documentation are available at our main research site at USP, http://map.prp.usp.br (in Portuguese only, for the moment).

M.A.P. is conducted by the Digital Humanities Research Group (humanidadesdigitais.org), led by Prof. Maria Clara Paixão de Sousa, and is housed at the Research Support Center for Etymology and History of the Portuguese Language, NEHiLP (www.nehilp.org), coordinated by Prof. Vanessa Martins do Monte. Our research is also a part of the recently opened Virtual Lab of Digital Humanities, LaViHD (lavihd.fflch.usp.br).